• Jan 9, 2019

Fort Wayne Metals Co-authors Article Posted for Royal Society of Chemistry

Fort Wayne Metals Research and Development Engineers have co-authored an article for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Chemical Communications. Titled “Innate glycosidic activity in metallic implants for localized synthesis of antibacterial drugs”, the article describes that iron-containing metallic implants are shown to mediate hydrolysis of glycosidic linkages. This behavior can be leveraged using glucuronide prodrugs for broad-spectrum fluoroquinolone antibacterial agents, to perform localized synthesis of antimicrobials which affords a significant zone of inhibition of bacterial growth around the metallic material.

Future application of this technology may afford drug-targeting vehicles that double as medical devices such as orthopedic, vascular and other prostheses. Applied therapeutic value could include reduced systemic effects.

The article is available for GBP 42.50 at the RSC website.

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