Every material has boundaries of what it can achieve. But we have found that in many cases, these boundaries are less fixed than they appear. in fact, we work with many materials that can achieve properties that were long thought to be unobtainable. So if your application is restricted by the boundaries of the material you use, talk to us. We may well have a solution. Contact us.

NDR® wire is processed to refine the microstructure, yielding improved fatigue life without significantly altering the mechanical and physical properties

DPS® wire is designed to achieve high stiffness for applications requiring between 1.5% and 8% strain

USN® wire is engineered for applications that require greater resistance to initial bends

4TiTUDE® bar brings together the beneficial properties of commercially pure titanium and the superior strength of alloyed titanium.

Silk® NiTi is an ultra-smooth oxide free Nitinol wire

Linear Elastic Nitinol a stiffer wire that offers greater pushability and strength without sacrificing 1:1 torque transmission