Kanban [kahn-bahn]

What is kanban?

Our kanban program helps us eliminate manufacturing lead-time, leaving only transit time. If you project a steady demand for the next 12 months, we will help you develop a kanban purchase order for an agreed-upon number of releases. Once you've placed the order, we establish the initial lead-time and quantity for each release, we begin to manufacture the first few releases and then place them in holding until you request one. Every time we ship material, we create an internal order to replace it, so we will always have material ready to ship for you.

Why kanban?

Not only does setting up a part on kanban save you time, it also keeps your lines running without worry of downtime. If you have a steady running part, we can maintain the number of releases requested. So as soon as you receive an order and have a need for material, you just need to request a kanban release. We will ship your materials within 48 hours.

What are the requirements?

Minimum order value will depend on product. Total quantity must be taken within 12 months. For more information about our kanban program, contact a Fort Wayne Metals representative.