Diverse backgrounds
for diverse ideas.

You won’t be surprised to hear that our R&D team contains quite a few scholarly types. We’ll give you the rundown: Two PHDs. One MS in Materials Science, one MS in Biomedical Engineering, one MS in Mechanical Engineering. BSs in Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. We even have a couple MBA's and a Business Management degree in our team.

But we value life experience just as much as we do education. One member of our team doesn’t have a degree – but his 20 years of wire drawing experience has given him a sixth sense of our processes of materials that has proven every bit as important as theoretical knowledge. All told, we have over seven decades of wire drawing experience. Because in Fort Wayne Metals R&D, we don’t just think – we do.

Our level of understanding the materials we work with is exceeded only by the desire to know even more. Everyone in our company understands that lives depend on the products we manufacture – whether we serve medical, aeronautical, aqua nautical or industrial customers. The R&D team leverages this understanding to the fullest for our customer’s advantage. While we are our own department in our own building, we do not shy away from availing ourselves to the considerable knowledge and talent of our co-workers in the production departments. The entire company understands that we were founded and built on research. In fact, our complete company name is Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation. That name may be a mouthful to you – but it is a mission to us.