• Jun 23, 2023

Enhanced Radiopacity with Nitinol DFT® Flat Wire

Ross Dillion, Research and Development
Jeremy E. Schaffer, Research and Development
Aubrey Ehle, BSMI RT, Indiana University School of Medicine

Device visualization through medical imaging is crucial in reducing complications, improving patient safety, and enhancing diagnoses [1]. The smaller devices become the more difficult they are to detect. One way Fort Wayne Metals is helping to improve device visibility is through Nitinol DFT® Flat Wire. Combining Fort Wayne Metals’ DFT® wire technology [2] with our knowledge in rolled flat wire, we can now provide ultrafine ribbons with superior radiopaque performance.

Figure 2 shows x-ray image comparison of a cold drawn 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] NiTi #1-DFT®-10%Pt and NiTi #1-DFT®-30%Pt round wire with 0.038 x 0.254 mm [0.0015 in x 0.0100 in] cold rolled ribbon with equivalent platinum fill percentages at both 60 kV and 100 kV imaging conditions.

Figure 1: Radiopacity comparison of 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] NiTi #1-DFT®-10%Pt round wire [A] to 0.038 x 0.254 mm [0.0015 in x .010 in] NiTi #1-DFT®-10%Pt ribbon [B]. NiTi #1-DFT®-30%Pt 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] round wire [C] and NiTi #1-DFT®-30%Pt 0.038 x 0.254 mm [0.0015 in x 0.010 in] ribbon [D] also compared.


Figure 2: Cross section analysis of 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] NiTi #1-DFT®-10%Pt round wire [A], 0.038 x 0.254 mm [0.0015 in x .010 in] NiTi #1-DFT®-10%Pt ribbon [B]. NiTi #1-DFT®-30%Pt 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] round wire [C] and NiTi #1-DFT®-30%Pt 0.038 x 0.254 mm [0.0015 in x 0.010 in] ribbon [D].


Figure 2 shows the ribbon profile of both OD and platinum ID relative to 0.038 mm round sections of equivalent peak thickness. As a result of spreading the x-ray opaque material in the plane of the x-ray detector, visualization is significantly improved in both 10 area% Pt and 30 area% Pt cases.



  • [1] Kaschner, Marius, et al. "The new fully radiopaque aperio hybrid stent retriever: efficient and safe? An early multicenter experience." World Neurosurgery 141 (2020): e278-e288.

  • [2] Schaffer, Jeremy E., and Richard Gordon. "Engineering characteristics of drawn filled nitinol tube." SMST-2003: Proceedings of the International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (ASM International). 2004.


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