Take a look at our new R&D Update.

At Fort Wayne Metals, we continually strive to serve our customers by furthering our understanding of the materials we work with.

For the R&D team, this often means answering fundamental scientific questions through collaboration with leading research institutes and universities, utilizing advanced analytical modalities such as X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. We regularly share the knowledge we generate with the scientific community through peer-reviewed publications and technical conference presentations.

Our fundamental research, combined with a deep understanding of the needs of the medical device community, drives has allowed us to make many advances:

  • 35N LT® - clean melt version of MP35N that can offer better fatique resistance
  • NDR® wire - refined microstructure has been found to enhance fatigue resistance
  • SLT® - dead straight wire right off the spool
  • variant of our drawn filled tubing
    • thin-wall platinum DFT® - biocompatiblity and radiopacity

We also serve our customers by offering custom research and development services. If you desire wire or rod from a new alloy, we can convert your raw material, or facilitate the entire process, from custom ingot melting to final wire production. Whether you require a unique wire composite configuration or properties that push the limits of current materials and processes, we have the knowledge to develop a solution for you. So come to us with your crazy ideas. We may find them perfectly sane.