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PTFE Coatings


Fort Wayne Metals offers advanced PTFE synthetic fluoropolymer coatings for a wide range of medical applications in order to increase lubricity and chemical resistance. Our proprietary spool-to-spool process provides an exceptionally smooth, uniform coating with a lower coefficient of friction than spray techniques. Our PTFE coatings can be applied to any of our stainless steel, high performance alloys, and Nitinol without compromising their elastic properties.


By utilizing our proprietary coating processes, we are able to provide our customers with a uniform coating for medical device components. With the excellent control we possess over the coating thickness, we are able to guarantee tight tolerances as well. Typical products include dead-straight stylets for PTCA guidewires, guidewire cores and catheter stylets using our SLT® wire.


As the preferred coating used for coiling wire applications and mandrel, this process is unique in the fact that we coat the wire before it is coiled. LubriSkin™ results in a consistently smooth, non-cracking or flaking coating that exceeds the expectations for typical precoated, coiled wire. Available in a variety of colors, LubriSkin™ can only be applied to round wires.

PTFE Coatings
  DuraSkin LubriSkin
Uncoated 0.15 mm [0.0059 in] - 0.965 mm [ 0.038 in] 0.038 mm [0.0015 in] - 0.70 mm [0.0276 in]
Coating thickness Standard: 4–6.9 µm [0.00016–0.00027 in] Standard: 4–6.9 µm [0.00016–0.00027 in]
Colors Green, Gray, Blue, Black, White, Clear Green, other colors on request
Primary Uses Corewires; (PTCA) Extrusion Mandrel Wire Coiling Wire, Bonding Mandrels, Release Mandrels
Supplied Straightened & Cut Lengths, Spooled Straightened & Cut Lengths, Spooled
Gamma Stable Yes No
ETO sterilization Yes Yes
Biocompatibility For invasive techniques, but not for permanent human implants For invasive techniques, but not for permanent human implants
Heat Stability Up to 195° C (390° F). Up to 205° C (400° F).
Chemical Resistance Sensitive to some solvents like NMP, acetone, MEK etc. Good - excellent
Relative friction (uncoated SS = 1) 0.45 0.40
Dielectric Strength Not intended for electrical insulation Not intended for electrical insulation

1PTFE; Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic fluoropolymer
2LubriSkin and DuraSkin are trademarks of Merit Medical® - OEM.

Please note that our coating process will increase the tensile strength of non-aged 304V by approximately 20ksi (140 MPa).