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ETFE (Ethylene-Tetrafluoroethylene) delivers the greatest strength and abrasion resistance of the TFE copolymers and has a continuous service temperature range of 150°C [302°F].

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) is similar in chemical and physical behavior to PFA, but provides a lower service temperature at 200°C [392°F] and is slightly less susceptible to water absorption than most other fluoropolymers.

PFA (Perfluoroalkoxyethylene-Tetrafluoroethylene) is the most similar to PTFE in terms of chemical and physical behavior. PFA also has the added benefit of a higher service temperature of 260°C [500°F] over FEP.

Moldflon PTFE is PTFE that has had just enough Perfluoroalkoxy - groups added to convert it from a thermoset to a thermoplastic. It retains the properties of pure PTFE, most importantly including outstanding lubricity. It also offers excellent thermal stability with a continuous use maximum of 260°C [500°F].

PI (Polyimide) offers excellent dielectric strength as well as very good mechanical properties and chemical inertness. Unlike the above fluoropolymers, it is applied in multiple thin layers, so it bonds directly to the substrate. PI can also withstand very high temperatures with a continuous use maximum of 240°C [464°F], with resistance to short exposures to 400°C [752°F] with minimal generation of volatiles.

Coating Capabilities

Round wire sizes 0.0380-0.7112 mm [0.0015-0.0280 in]
Strands & Cable sizes 0.0760-1.5240 mm [0.0024-0.0600 in]
Wall Thickness 0.0100-0.1270 mm [0.0002-0.0050 in]

Density Tensile Strength
of Friction
CTE @ 20°C Water
Max. Service
in Air
  g/cm3 MPa psi   kV/mm V/mil µm/m-°C % °C °F
ETFE 1.70 41 6000 0.3 64 1600 130 0.006 150 302
FEP 2.15 25 3600 0.24 62 1575 140 0.005 200 392
PFA 2.15 28 4000 0.2 62 1575 140 0.05 260 500
Moldflon PTFE 2.17 36 5260 0.1 60 1525 130 0.01 260 500
PI 1.42 138 20000 0.35 192 4800 20 1.8 240 464

Alternate coatings will be considered upon request.


In order to provide you with a superior coated product it is recommended that the coatings be applied to round, shaped, stranded, or cabled wire. Coatings may be applied to all alloys that Fort Wayne Metals has to offer and are available in these colors: brown, gray, blue, white, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, and black. Additional colors available upon request.

Lead Times

Due to our in-house coating capabilities, we are able to streamline the manufacturing approach for your wire and cable needs. Fort Wayne Metals offers a fully integrated manufacturing option for our wire and cable customers by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with transferring material to multiple manufacturing sites.

  • Biocompatible
  • Pin hole free
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Thin wall
  • Custom packaging
  • Medical focus
  • Tight tolerances

Each of the coatings combines the chemical inertness of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) with another polymer to provide melt forming capability and strength. The three fluoropolymers are used in a variety of medical device applications such as: