for the human body.


4TiTUDE® bar

Thanks to 4TiTUDE® bar, you no longer have to choose between the beneficial properties of commercially pure titanium and the strength of alloyed titanium such as TiZr or Ti 6Al-4V ELI.

With a nominal tensile strength of 1,172 MPa [170 ksi] in diameters up to 4 mm [0.15748 in] and 1,103 MPa [160 ksi] in diameters from 4 mm to 6 mm [0.15748 in to 0.23622 in], 4TiTUDE® bar is just as strong as cold worked alloyed titanium. This is a significant increase from cold worked grade 4 commercially pure titanium, which typically exhibits tensile strengths in the vicinity of 950 MPa [139 ksi].

Grade 4 commercially pure titanium does not release toxic aluminum or vanadium ions, promotes osseointegration, and is expected to be compatible with osseointegration coatings such as hydroxyapatite or calcium phosphate. 4TiTUDE® bar shows fatigue resistance equivalent to cold worked grade 4 commercially pure titanium, meets the requirements of ASTM F67, and can be certified at your request. By increasing the strength of 4TiTUDE® bar, the ductility has decreased compared to grade 4 commercially pure titanium.

4TiTUDE® bar combines benefits of pure titanium with the strength of Ti 6Al-4V ELI. Our customers use this combination of strength and excellent biocompatibility in their applications without sacrificing either property. 4TiTUDE® bar is available in the following size ranges for your application.


Size ranges

Centerless ground and polished

  • Diameter 2.9999 mm to 7.9999 mm [0.11811 in to 0.31496 in]
  • Length 1,524 mm to 3,708 mm [60 in to 146 in]
  • Tolerance ± 0.0127 mm [± 0.0005 in]

Carbide drawn straight and cut

  • Diameter 2.9999 mm to 7.9999 mm [0.11811 in to 0.31496 in]
  • Length 609.6 mm to 3,708.4 mm [24 in to 146 in]
  • Tolerance ± 0.0254 mm [± 0.0010 in]


Use 4TiTUDE® bar to push the limits of your devices even further. To learn more or to speak with your Sales Representative, contact us.