for the human body.



Thanks to 4TiTUDE™ from Fort Wayne Metals, you no longer have to choose between the beneficial properties of commercially pure Titanium and the strength of alloyed Titanium such as TiZr or Ti 6Al-4V ELI.

The strength of alloyed Titanium.

With a nominal tensile strength of 1,172 Mpa (170 ksi) in diameters up to 4 mm and 1,103 Mpa (160 ksi) in diameters from 4 – 6 mm, 4TiTUDE™ is just as strong as cold worked alloyed Titanium. This is a significant increase from cold worked CP Grade 4 Titanium, which typically exhibits tensile strengths in the range of 950 Mpa (138 ksi) . This means that 4TiTIUDE™ allows you to design smaller implants from unalloyed Titanium – without sacrificing strength.

The benefits of pure Titanium.

Apart from the significant increase in strength, 4TiTUDE™ is equivalent to CP Grade 4 Titanium. It meets all requirements of ASTM F67 – which means that it won’t release toxic aluminium or vanadium ions. Since 4TiTUDE™ is commercially pure, it doesn’t only promote osseointegration – we also expect it to be compatible with osseointegrative coatings such as hydroxyapatite or calcium phosphate. And 4TiTUDE™ shows fatigue resistance equivalent to cold worked CP Grade 4 Titanium.

4TiTUDE™. The best of both worlds.

4TiTUDE™ combines benefits of pure Titanium with the strength of Ti 6Al-4V ELI. Which means you’ll be able to push the boundaries of implant designs even further. Contact your Fort Wayne Metals representative for more information.