An alloy
like no other.


Silk® Nitinol

If you currently electropolish your oxide-free Nitinol to achieve a smooth surface, Fort Wayne Metals has a solution to help you streamline your process: Our new Silk® NiTi. Early results indicate that we’ll be able to achieve a surface roughness of 3 µin (0.0762 µm) RMS or less. Which means that using Silk® NiTi can eliminate the need for mechanical or electropolishing.

Other than its smooth surface and the absence of any visible oxide, you can expect Silk® NiTi to be equivalent to our etched bright Nitinol. So you will get equivalent shape memory or superelastic properties, fatigue life, yield and tensile strength. All the while working with an ultra-smooth surface that has also been found to significantly reduce snags in braiding operations.

Availability: diameters and grades.

Silk® NiTi is available in all of our Nitinol grades. Sizes range from 0.0008" (.020 mm) – 0.03937" (0.999998 mm).

Please contact us if your requirements exceed these specifications or product forms.