In an ever-changing world, continuous innovation is essential to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of various industries. At Fort Wayne Metals, we are dedicated to this pursuit. Our diverse range of material solutions, from round, flat, and specialty-shaped wire, to complex strands, cables, and our innovative HHS® tube, are engineered to meet your unique requirements and support the most rigorous applications.

Delve into the details of round, flat, and specialty shaped wire, including triangle, pie, and grooved wire, and learn about Nitinol and titanium bar products in sizes up to 12 mm [0.5 in] in diameter.

Create custom engineering solutions using mechanical assemblies such as crimps and fittings or leverage the shape memory properties of Nitinol in custom shape-set parts.

Explore the nearly limitless possibilities of complex strand and cable configurations and uniquely kink-resistant and torqueable HHS® tube, or leverage the benefits of two dissimilar materials in DFT® composite wire.