Flat wire

Flat wire, also referred to as ribbon wire, exhibits a smooth, bright surface finish and can be produced to tight tolerances. Fort Wayne Metals utilizes two manufacturing techniques in order to produce two different types of radius edged flat wire: rolled and drawn. Flat wire is available in all alloys. Let us help you with your wire needs. Please contact us.

Rolled advantages
  • Larger casts
  • Less camber
  • Cleaner wire
  • Optional isopropyl alcohol use during rolling process (provides lubrication and tighter packaging of spools)
  • Use of lubrication optional
  • Less stress induced

The typical width/thickness ratio is 3:1 minimum to a 10:1 maximum: minimum thickness of 0.0127 mm [0.0005 in]. Please note that these values vary by alloy.

Rolled wire is available in three surface finishes:

  • Bright clear, mirror-like appearance
  • Semi-bright slightly less mirror-like appearance, more consistent surface finish
  • Rough rolled duller, rougher appearance
Drawn advantages
  • Improved size tolerances
  • More consistent and tighter dimensions

It is recommended that drawn flat wire be stress relieved after the initial drawing to help better improve its cast and camber. We have the ability to draw this wire down to sizes as thin as 0.0381 mm [0.0015 in].

  • Helical coils within a catheter guidewire & braiding wire
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Percutaneous catheters
  • Neurovascular devices
  • Endovascular devices
  • Self-expanding stents and delivery systems
  • PTCA catheter systems
  • Coronary stents
  • Microcatheters
  • Balloon expandable delivery systems
  • Cannula based delivery systems
  • Stone retrieval baskets
  • Women’s healthcare
  • Catheter-based heart pumps
  • Suture passers
  • Orthodontics clips
  • Catheter guidewires

For more detailed specifications on flat wire please click here.