An alloy
like no other.


Helical Turkshead Nitinol

Helical Turkshead Nitinol wire possesses a unique geometry that can significantly reduce friction while at the same time potentially improving torqueability to help medical devices better navigate vasculature.


Understanding the benefits

This new material technology leverages a variety of mechanical properties, including torque, whip, flexibility, strength, shape memory, and superelasticity, that can help users to better control and guide medical devices inside the human body. The turkshead shape reduces the contact surface area of the wire by approximately 60% when compared to a traditional round configuration. Less surface area means less friction, increasing operational efficiency and improving steerability of the wire, and potentially decreasing the need for expensive coatings. Additionally, the helical geometry results in excellent 1:1 torque transmission, providing users with a more tactile feel for maximizing wire handling and placement while navigating complex anatomies.


Design specifications
  • Size range
    • Min: outer diameter 0.254 mm [0.010 in]
    • Max: outer diameter 0.762 mm [0.030 in]
  • Surface finishes
    • Light oxide
    • Dark oxide
    • Oxide free
  • Condition
    • Straight annealed
  • Materials
    • NiTi #1, #2, #3, #4, and #9
  • Delivery
    • Cut lengths


Typical end uses
  • Guidewires


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