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With Velocity Custom, Fort Wayne Metals serves customers faster.

  • Feb 10, 2015

February 10, 2015, FORT WAYNE, IN –– Fort Wayne Metals has announced a service designed to allow customers to significantly reduce the lead time for virtually any wire, strand, cable, or assembled component they might need.  Since orders placed through this program are run on regular production equipment, Velocity Custom is ideally suited for validation and certification orders.


“We recognize that in today’s environment, the need for speed is becoming greater than ever,” states Mark Michael, President and Chief Operations Officer of Fort Wayne Metals. “Many of our customers have significant burn rates, especially R&D companies that are trying to bring new products to market. So if we can significantly reduce their lead time, we can help them benefit financially and stay ahead of their competition.”


Velocity custom is the latest addition to the company’s Velocity program. Other offerings include Velocity kit, which contain pre-configured selections of cables or metal-on-metal composites, as well as Velocity braid, which allows Fort Wayne Metals to ship the most common braiding wire sizes in three business days or less. For more information, click here.