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Fort Wayne Metals Working to Minimize Impact of Tariffs on EU Customers

  • Jul 1, 2018

July 1, 2018, FORT WAYNE, IN –– Fort Wayne Metals is actively working on ways to reduce the impact of recent tariffs on stainless steel have on their EU customers.

“Unfortunately, EU customers who purchase stainless steel wire from Fort Wayne Metals will feel some impact of these tariffs,” states Kimberly Shoppell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Since some of our manufacturing occurs in our facility in Ireland, it is impossible to provide a blanket statement about how large this impact will be – each customer’s situation is unique. What I can say is that we are working with our colleagues in Ireland to find ways to make sure we find the best solution for every customer affected by this situation.” Customers affected by this development have been notified by Fort Wayne Metals. If any questions remain, they are encouraged to reach out to their Fort Wayne Metals customer service representative.

As for its U.S. customers, Fort Wayne Metals expects the impact of tariffs levied by the United States or the European Union to be minimal. Further, EU customers of materials other than stainless steel products – such as Nitinol, cobalt-chrome or titanium wire – will also not be impacted since no new tariffs have been levied on these alloys.

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