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Fort Wayne Metals unveils new bobbin design for braiding applications

  • Feb 12, 2013

February 7, 2013, FORT WAYNE, IN—Fort Wayne Metals is unveiling this week Endura™ bobbin, its innovative new bobbin product designed for braiding applications.

Endura™ patent-pending bobbins are designed to reduce snags and breaks and, as a result, significantly increase efficiency and uptime for manufacturers. Fort Wayne Metals based the design of Endura on the specific input of customers; its design is highlighted by its angled flange, which helps prevent wire pile-up during spooling and minimize wire contact while also offering manufacturers 16 percent greater capacity than standard large-barrel bobbins. In addition, Endura™ bobbins feature a smooth surface without part lines or imperfects and tight tolerances, which will reduce snags and breaks.

While the move into bobbin design is not a traditional one for wire manufacturers, the Endura™ bobbin does show Fort Wayne Metals’ willingness and ability to move beyond wire design and explore other ways to increase customer run rates.

“Endura bobbin represents the next generation of bobbin design – a way to move beyond the challenges and problems often associated with common bobbins,” Bob Myers, executive vice president of Fort Wayne Metals, said. “Everything about the Endura bobbin is designed to help manufacturers reduce snags and breaks, increase their efficiency and maximize their uptime. And it’s another way we are turning knowledge into solutions to benefit our partners.”

Fort Wayne Metals unveiled the Endura™ bobbin at this week’s Medical Design and Manufacturing Minneapolis event. The company says the Endura™ bobbin is now available for trial applications.