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Fort Wayne Metals Expands and Improves SLT® Wire Line

  • Nov 17, 2016

November 17, 2016, FORT WAYNE, IN –– Fort Wayne Metals has expanded their SLT® Wire line, re-designed with lean principles and advanced technology to give customers a leading edge through efficiency gains. This pre-straightened wire streamlines production processes, and eliminates some problems and surface defects associated with straightening. SLT® Wire is available in four types created to cater to individual customer needs, cut to length or on a spool for various applications ranging from the most basic staple wire to point coiling, micro needle applications, orthodontics, endoscopes, guide wires, and embolic filters. The expanded SLT® Wire line offers four types of wire in a variety of conditions, surface finishes, and sizes to meet customer specifications.

“Our SLT® Wire comes straight right off the spool, enabling customers to cut process steps and thereby production time by moving directly to secondary operations. Efficiency gains lead to less machine downtime, and by eliminating the need to mechanically straighten you reduce the potential for surface defects,” states Product Manager, Eric Dorman.

The SLT® Wire line is designed to provide standard, off-the-shelf solutions with custom capabilities. Regardless of the application, the expanded SLT® Wire line offers a wide scope of options to enable customers to find the perfect fit.

At the starting line is Type 1 SLT® Wire, made to reduce set-up time and manufacturing process steps. Ideal for staple wire, braiding mandrels, and dental probes, it may be the simplest of the SLT® Wire line, but it is by no means basic.

Type 2 SLT® Wire eliminates the need for mechanical straightening before additional process steps. Free of rotary marks, it provides a customer-ready surface from step one. Uses range from mandrel wire, needle and staple wire, and stylet wire, to point coiling and micro needle applications.

For applications that require taper grinding, Type 3 SLT® Wire allows for up to 90 percent of the cross-sectional area to be removed without requiring heat treatments. From micro needles and orthodontics, to guide wires, endoscopes, and embolic filters, this wire provides the solution.

Fort Wayne Metals’ premier SLT® Wire features excellent 1:1 torque response and superior grindability up to 95 percent. This combined with its kink resistance make it ideal for precisions applications such as steerable PTCA, endoscopes, and neurovascular guide wires. Type 4 SLT® Wire is the top of the line, perfectly engineered for the most demanding applications.

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