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Customer Documents

F-08-05 Nitinol EU RoHS Statement

F-08-06 Nitinol EU REACH Statement

F-08-17 Nitinol Latex Free Statement

F-08-21 Nitinol BPA Statement

F-08-26 Nitinol Phthalate Statement

F-08-52 Nitinol Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-59 Nitinol Endocrine Disrupting Substances

F-08-64 Nitinol Alloys - Wire Products EU MDR CMR Statement

F-08-73 Nitinol PVC Statement

F-08-85 Nitinol Alloys - Components EU MDR CMR Statement


Precious metals

F-08-07 Precious Metals EU RoHS Statement

F-08-08 Precious Metals EU REACH Statement

F-08-18 Precious Metals Latex Free Statement

F-08-22 Precious Metals BPA Statement

F-08-27 Precious Metals Phthalate Statement

F-08-53 Precious Metal Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-60 Precious Metals Endocrine Disrupting Substances

F-08-66 Precious Metals EU MDR Statement on CMR and Endocrine Substances Statement

F-08-74 Precious Metals PVC Statement


Stainless steel

F-08-09 Stainless Steel EU RoHS Statement

F-08-10 Stainless Steel EU REACH Statement

F-08-19 Stainless Steel Latex Free Statement

F-08-23 Stainless Steel BPA Statement

F-08-28 Stainless Steel Phthalate Statement

F-08-54 Stainless Steel Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-61 Stainless Steel Endocrine Disrupting Substances

F-08-65 Stainless Steel Alloys - Wire EU MDR MDR CMR Statement

F-08-71 Stainless Steel Alloys PVC Statement

F-08-86 Stainless Steel Alloys - Components EU MDR CMR Statement



F-08-11 Titanium EU RoHS Statement

F-08-12 Titanium EU REACH Statement

F-08-15 Titanium Latex Free Statement

F-08-24 Titanium BPA Statement

F-08-29 Titanium Phthalate Statement

F-08-55 Titanium Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-62 Titanium Endrocrine Disrupting Substances

F-08-67 Titanium EU MDR Statement on CMR and Endocrine Substances Statement

F-08-75 Titanium PVC Statement


High-performance alloys

F-08-13 High Performance Alloys EU RoHS Statement

F-08-14 High Performance Alloys EU REACH Statement

F-08-16 High Performance Alloys Latex Free Statement

F-08-20 High Performance Alloys BPA Statement

F-08-25 High Performance Alloys Phthalate Statement

F-08-57 High Performance Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-58 High Performance Endocrine Disrupting Substances

F-08-68 High Performance Alloys EU MDR Statement on CMR and Endocrine Substances Statement

F-08-72 High Performance Alloys PVC Statement



F-08-49 Tungsten EU RoHS Statement

F-08-50 Tungsten EU REACH Statement

F-08-56 Tungsten Alloy Nanomaterial Statement

F-08-63 Tungsten Endocrine Disrupting Substance

F-08-69 Tungsten EU MDR Statement on CMR and Endocrine Substances Statement

F-08-76 Tungsten PVC Statement



F-08-50 Refractory EU REACH Statement

F-08-51 Proposition 65 Statement

F-08-87 Tantalum Alloys - EU MDR CMR Statement

F-08-89 Hymu 80 REACH Statement

F-08-93 EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and Antimicrobial Agents Statement

F-08-94 EU Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP) Statement

F-08-95 Human Derived Material Statement

F-09-25 - ISO 22442-1 Animal Derivatives Customer Letter

Conflict Mineral Policy

PFAS Coated Products Statement

PFAS-Free Statement for Non-Coated Products

Biocidal Products Regulation Statement