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Health & Safety



At Fort Wayne Metals we are committed to conducting operations in a manner that provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment, and recognize that to do so requires the full collaboration and cooperation of all employees. The success of our safety program is contingent upon each person’s commitment to safe working habits, and actively participating in continuous improvement efforts.

Our Values and Operating Principles

Fort Wayne Metals has established values which are fundamental to the success of our company. Our operating principles define how our organization must operate with respect to our mission and values. These values and operating principles permeate every aspect of our organization and are at the core of our health and safety programs.

Employee Committment

Our people are the source of our strength.

Operating Principle:
Employee involvement is critical to improving operations.

Getting to Zero

At Fort Wayne Metals we believe that safety is a necessary foundation upon which our operational goals are set. To reach ZERO injuries and illnesses, our health and safety programs must be focused on proactive measures which lead to injury and illness prevention, and a commitment to continually improve the safety of our work environments and the overall wellness of our employees.


The quality of our products and services, the culture within our organization, and our support of the community are the basis by which we are judged.

Operating Principle:
Integrity cannot be compromised.

Injury and Illness Prevention
At Fort Wayne Metals we recognize that getting to zero injuries and illnesses requires an inclusive safety first culture. We are committed to preventing employee, contractor, and visitor exposure to undue risk while working at or visiting our facilities. To that end, we use leading indicators such as safety audits, employee SPARK ideas, input from safety meetings, and regular hazard assessments to drive changes in our programs and in our behavior.

Continual Improvement

We meet tomorrow’s challenges by maintaining direct customer relationships, by being innovative leaders in our field, and utilizing technology to advance our research and our processes.

Operating Principle:
Continual improvement in processes and products is essential to our success.

Safety, like productivity and quality, is key to the continued growth and success of our organization. Our safety program is built on the belief that no matter the opportunity we must address it with a continual improvement mindset. We strive to engage employees at all levels of the organization to set aggressive goals and find ways to implement solutions which are innovative, creative, and effective.

Health and Safety Programs and Objectives

Fort Wayne Metals has ongoing health and safety programs based upon our operations, and to promote the health and safety of employees, their families, and the community at large. Each program identified below also includes a brief description of our strategic objective and indicates our current progress.

Program Target Progress
Community Involvement: Provide opportunities for our employees to give back to the community, help out themselves, and care for fellow coworkers. Initiatives and programs are being developed and put in place to keep our employees healthy, able to work, and maintain their quality of life.
(quarterly health and wellness programs tied to safety will be offered to all employees)
Compliance Auditing: Perform inspections of our facilities to ensure we are meeting the safety needs of our employees and regulatory obligations. Successful completion of annual internal inspections in all US facilities since 2008.
Continuous Improvement: Perform regular review of processes, machinery, and operations to identify opportunities for improvement Launch of Safety Action Card in 2017, Risk Assessment Program in 2014, Corrective Action – Preventative Action Program in 2016.
Contractor Safety: Provide guidelines to protect and ensure the safety for contract employees, vendors, and employees. Implementation of a comprehensive contractor program planned for January 2017.
Developing Safety Leaders: Train and support leaders at all levels of the organization around health and safety best practices. Strategic programs designed to equip leaders in place include: safety observation and coaching which will roll out in 2017, First Responder advanced in-service training which began in 2012, and Leadership Essentials training which was first offered in 2016.
Programs being developed include: Safety 101, a comprehensive 8 week introductory course to safety at work, and Safety for the Executive, both expected to roll out in late 2017.
Employee Engagement: Ensure employees have the opportunity to be well informed, active participants in safety programs, initiatives, and planning. Outreach program ensures safety team is available and accessible to employees in all facilities, on all shifts. Three or more awareness documents provided each month. Open Committee Meeting held monthly.
Ergonomics: Work with employees throughout the organization to design equipment, plan facility layouts, and arrange workspaces in a manner which supports employee health and wellbeing. Adjustable equipment first implemented in 2012. Stretch program launched in 2014. Ongoing initiatives include: awareness challenges and competitions, cross functional review of workplace best practices, and continual evaluation of evolving employee needs.
Getting to Zero: Proactively identify and address safety opportunities in all areas of the organization to prevent employee illness, injury, or the effects thereof. Programs developed to address safety opportunities include: Safety Action Card, Stretch Program, Work Readiness, Near Miss Reporting, and Continuous Improvement efforts.
Healthy People: Ensure our employees have opportunities available to improve their wellbeing and options to focus on areas of individual significance. Initiatives, and programs, in place to keep our employees healthy, able to work, and maintain their quality of life. Wellness challenges and quarterly programs are being developed to encourage continual employee involvement.
Machine and Equipment Safety: Complete assessments for ergonomics and guarding on all machines. Risk Assessment Program in place for machine purchases and modifications.
Develop our legacy machines to meet current requirements.
Safety Management System (SMS): Develop and implement an SMS in accordance with ISO 45001. Comprehensive SMS framework under development, in conformance with ISO 45001 to be reviewed mid-2017.


Success Stories

First Responders

At Fort Wayne Metals we believe that well-trained, dedicated employees are our greatest asset. This is true throughout the organization, but especially in the case of employee health and safety. As such, Fort Wayne Metals is proud to support a First Responder program with a commitment to train and retain an onsite First Responder Team which includes 10% of our workforce, even over years of rapid organizational growth, and includes volunteers from all levels of the organization, all shifts, and every facility.

Our First Responders complete annual recertification and regular in-service training, making them capable of providing care and support to our employees in a timely and professional manner. Their dedication is further demonstrated in First Responders regularly requesting additional training that would prepare them for emergencies in a community setting.

  • 2008 - Approximately 12 First Responders trained to offer assistance during first aid events or medical emergencies.
  • 2010 - Began comprehensive training of all First Responders beyond the typical first aid/CPR/AED and blood borne pathogen courses and included offering training in areas specific to hazards associated with the work here at FWM (acid exposure, amputations, etc.).
  • 2012 – A group of first responders participated in American Red Cross “Ready when the time comes” training. Following an unexpected tragedy (heart attack at work) first responders renewed their commitment to and requested annual CPR certifications. Regular in-service training became mandatory.
  • 2014 – All first responders complete American Red Cross Team Training Exercises.
  • 2016 – Fort Wayne Metals launches in house training program. By the end of 2016, 8 employees completed American Heart Association “HeartSaver” instructor courses and will be leading all training.
  • 2017 – Fort Wayne Metals Instructors will offer training to approximately 20 members of the community at no charge.
Machine and Equipment Safety

While developing strategic goals throughout the organization, in 2008 we recognized opportunities to upgrade our legacy equipment, including safety equipment and guards. Since that time our safety, fabrication, and engineering teams have worked with operator input to meet or exceed applicable standards. By depending on a multiple-disciplinary team with a continuous improvement mindset we work to ensure efficient and effective implementation of redesigned equipment and safety devices.

Employee Engagment

We know that for a safety program to be truly effective it must involve every part of an organization. As part of our inclusive safety first culture, we invite all Fort Wayne Metals Employees to actively contribute to our safety programs. Employees have demonstrated their commitment to safety by: volunteering their story and image(s) for our “I Work Safe” posters, participating in creating or filming safety videos and training, submitting ideas for safety competitions, attending monthly Environmental, Health and Safety, and Sustainability Committee Meetings, and sharing any ideas they have which would improve health and safety within the organization.