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Environmental and Sustainability



At Fort Wayne Metals, we are committed to sustainability. We strive to implement best practices through activities to reduce our environmental footprint, improve efficiencies, create opportunities, and support innovation. Fort Wayne Metals recognizes that environmental excellence can only be accomplished through leadership participation, employee commitment and collaboration, customer and supplier relationships, and community support.

Our Values and Operating Principles

Fort Wayne Metals has established values which are fundamental to the success of our company. Our operating principles define how our organization must operate with respect to our mission and values. These values and operating principles permeate every aspect of our organization and are at the core of our environmental and sustainability programs.


We meet tomorrow’s challenges by maintaining direct customer relationships, by being innovative leaders in our field, and utilizing technology to advance our research and our processes.

Operating Principles:
Continual improvement in processes and products is essential to our success. Research and development are keys to the future.

At Fort Wayne Metals we believe basic compliance is not enough to ensure a sustainable future. Innovation is essential in all facets of business, including environmental initiatives. We use all of the resources at our disposal to proactively tackle environmental challenges in an effort to secure a prosperous future.

Employee Committment

Our people are the source of our strength.

Operating Principles:
Employee involvement is critical to improving operations.
Everyone must be accountable for producing to his/her potential each day.

We recognize that employee commitment, at every level of the organization, is critical to the success of our environmental and sustainability objectives. We work to engage employees in environmental initiatives at work, and support environmentally responsible practices in the community.

Ethical Behavior

The quality of our products and services, the culture within our organization, and our support of the community are the basis by which we are judged.

Operating Principles:
Integrity cannot be compromised.
Information must provide the basis for decisions.

As a member of the global community, we understand that our actions matter. Our environmental and sustainability programs are developed based on real information gathered from our operations. Our objectives are pursued with social and ethical considerations in mind.

Environmental and Sustainability Objectives

Fort Wayne Metals has ongoing environmental and sustainability programs based on our operations, our environmental impacts, and the needs of our community. Each program identified below also includes a brief description of our strategic objective and indicates our current progress.

Program Target Progress
Regulated Waste: Establish baseline metrics and identify opportunities to reduce volume of regulated waste generated Collecting information and evaluating data relative to current business demands
Compliance Auditing: Perform an annual inspection in each facility to confirm compliance with all applicable environmental requirements Successful completion of annual internal inspections in all US facilities since 2011
Permitting: Meet or exceed requirements defined by necessary regulatory permits Systematic program in place to monitor and address permit needs with a focus on future metric reporting.
Water Quality: Establish baseline metrics and identify opportunities for improvement Collecting information and evaluating data relative to current business demands
Air Quality: Establish baseline metrics and identify opportunities for improvement Collecting information and evaluating data relative to current business demands.
Environmental Management System (EMS): Develop and implement an EMS in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 Comprehensive EMS framework developed and implemented in conformance with ISO 14001: 2004 currently under review
Wasting Zero Initiatives: Establish baseline metrics and identify best practices to minimize and manage non-regulated waste from both production and non-production areas All potential/generated waste managed in accordance with the Waste Management Hierarchy seen below
Manufacturing Surplus: Establish practices to minimize and responsibly manage excess material Active scrap recycling program in place since 2008
Consumables Conservation: Mitigate environmental impact of consumable wastes necessary to operations The tri-level recycling program, which has been in place since 2008, resulted in over 90,000 pounds of materials recycled in 2016. This does not include scrap from our raw material or wire products.
Continuous Improvement: Perform regular review of processes, machinery, and operations to identify opportunities for improvement Annual Environmental Aspect Analysis completed for each domestic production department since 2013
Environmental Corrective Action program in place


Success Stories

Resource Reuse, and Recovery

Some of Fort Wayne Metals manufacturing processes require the use of oil products. Fort Wayne Metals uses a two-step process to extend the life of oil products. First, when possible, oils are filtered to prolong effective use. When oil products reach the end of effective life in our facilities Fort Wayne Metals works with responsible waste management firms to send oil products for re-refining thus turning our used fluids into new products. This process of reuse and recovery minimizes the volume of potentially hazardous waste generated and preserves virgin resources.

Recycling Program

Since 2008 Fort Wayne Metals employees have been diverting recyclable materials from the landfill through our tri-level recycling program. Collection containers available at the department level allow employees to separate recyclables at the source. These are then combined at the facility level then transported to the in-house Recycling Center for management at the company level. By working with local waste management agencies Fort Wayne Metals is able to recycle a wide range of materials and continues to look for alternative recycling solutions for waste which cannot be prevented, reduced, or reused.