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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability Policy

Our people are the source of our strength

This statement is one of Fort Wayne Metals’ core values, and it forms the foundation for our environmental, health and safety (EHS) policy.

We are committed to the safety of our people.

Everyone at Fort Wayne Metals will conduct business in a way that ensures the safety of our employees, customers and service providers. Safety, like Productivity and Quality, is a top priority.

We are committed to minimizing our footprint on the environment.

Everyone at Fort Wayne Metals will help ensure the sustainability of our products and processes, prevent pollution, promote the efficient use of natural resources and sustainability, and continually operate in a way that protects the well-being of our people, our community and our environment.

We are committed to following rules and regulations.

Everyone at Fort Wayne Metals will assure compliance with applicable federal, state and local EHS laws and regulations, as well as other requirements we have adopted to mitigate risks not covered by regulations.

We are committed to communication.

Everyone at Fort Wayne Metals is aware of the importance of safety and environmental stewardship throughout our organization. We have established clear lines of communication to report emerging or existing safety or environmental hazards, and to request or suggest remedies in order to drive continuous improvement.

We are committed to continuous improvement.

Fort Wayne Metals management and employees at all levels of the organization will proactively participate in activities that drive cohesiveness around sustainable business practices and strategic initiatives which drive the goals and initiatives of EHS&S.


Environmental and Sustainability

Health and Safety